Pro Hockey Neck Gaiter

Pro Hockey Team Collection 2020-2021 by Gitch Sportswear

Ordering window opens soon.

Show your love for Pro Hockey in all of your apparel – including your face covering. Our gaiters prevent you from touching your face or spreading germs.

  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Nose and mouth coverage
  • Can be worn many different ways
  • Team colours & logo

      Additional Info

      • 100% Polyester Micro Fleece
      • S/M: 9" Wide, 17" Height
      • L/XL: 10.25" Wide, 17" Height
      • Allow quarter of an inch adjustment due to sewing.
      Please note that GSW face coverings are not medical-grade respirators and are not meant to be used as personal protective equipment by healthcare professionals or in a clinical setting. These face coverings are not intended to fully prevent or protect from diseases, though with responsible use (including a filter insert and at least 2 metres of social distancing), they may reduce the chances of transmission through respiratory droplets.